Duromine the Most Probable Side Effects

Learn more about common side effects of Duromine

Often side effects are the undesirable reactions that occur at least in 1 of 10 patients on Duromine. Therefore, patients are strongly recommended to familiarize themselves with the leaflet inside the package. Special attention should be given to the section “frequent” or “very frequent side effects”.

The most common side effects of Duromine are the adverse reactions from the cardiovascular and nervous systems: high blood pressure, irritability, tachycardia, dizziness, pain in the heart or a headache.

Only a small part of patients note adverse reactions of Duromine on an ongoing basis. In addition to the information about the frequency of manifestation, it is also important to know how serious this undesired effect is for your body. All of the mentioned Duromine side effects are frequent, yet easily tolerable

If a patient has one or another side effect, it doesn’t mean that every person on Duromine gets it.

The incidence of adverse reactions is influenced by such factors, as:

  • comorbidities
  • drug interactions
  • dosage and route of administration.

There is no big difference in the incidence of Duromine side effects between men and women. No detailed studies were held on gender differences in the manifestation of adverse reactions.