Duromine all the side effects

What you need to know about the rare side effects of Duromine

The instructions to Duromine contain not only frequent, but also the rare side effects, even if the probability of their occurrence is very low. Patients should thoroughly read the sections “very often” and “often”, while the section “rare side effects” should just be familiarized with.

Rare and potentially dangerous side effects of Duromine are: cardiac insufficiency, psychotic episodes, stroke, hallucinations, euphoria or myocardial infarction.

As a rule, the risk of having these side effects is very low. Most often, they manifest in less than 1 in 100 cases, or less. So, there is no sense in being scared of side effects in advance and wait for their manifestation

At the stage of clinical Duromine trials, all adverse reactions were carefully recorded, even those, whose occurrence can not be directly linked to the action of the drug. Regulating authorities held a thorough and long-term monitoring to identify and confirm rare side effects of Duromine.

It took many months of research and numerous clinical drug trials in human volunteers to detect very rare side effects of Duromine (e.g., stroke).