Duromine With Other Drugs

Interaction of Duromine with other drugs (that don’t affect the CNS)

When he is trying to get rid of excess weight, patient should take into account the interaction of Duromine with other drugs. Clinically significant interactions are those that change the efficacy and/or safety of the pharmacotherapy.

Risk factors of Duromine interaction with other drugs:

  • patient age
  • comorbid condition
  • therapeutic range of drugs
  • polypharmacy (appointment of multiple medications to a patient with comorbidities).

Unfortunately, a rational choice of combined anti-obesity therapy with Duromine is impossible. That is, no drugs can improve the efficacy of Duromine in the obesity therapy.

Duromine combination with adrenergic neuron blocking drugs is an irrational drug interaction

Drugs like Guanethidine, Clonidine and Methyldopa, are used to normalize blood pressure, and their interaction with Duromine helps reduce the hypotensive effect.

Obese patients frequently suffer from diabetes and are forced to take insulin and medications to lower blood glucose. But the result of the pharmacodynamic Duromine interaction with hypoglycemic drugs is the reduction in the efficacy of drugs for the management of blood sugar levels.