Ionamin 15mg

Obesity is a state of human body, when fat deposits become too high, even dangerous for the functioning of all body systems. The more fat person is the more difficult it becomes to lose all these excess pounds. Moreover, man himself cannot cope with excess weight problem, but needs a qualitative medical help.

In order to fight obesity and reduce body mass, people use different diet pills, diets, exercise plans and sometimes even apply for liposuction. But the safest and most effective way is to begin using Ionamin 15mg capsules. The drug belongs to the appetite suppressants, CNS stimulants group of drugs, meaning Ionamin 15mg impacts those receptors in the brain that make us feel hungry.

Since the development of active substance Phentermine, it is believed that Ionamin 15mg may cause drug addiction and side effects. However, Ionamin 15mg was approved for the treatment of obesity due to the lack of drug dependence.

If you suffer from obesity and no diets, exercises can help you – visit a doctor, most likely he will decide to appoint you Ionamin 15mg. It is important to start treatment with minimal dose Ionamin 15mg in order to see whether this drug is effective in your particular case or not.

Pharmaceutical form:

  • Capsules Ionamin 15mg of yellow and gray color imprinted with “IONAMIN15”.


  • Celltech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Ionamin 15mg capsules are usually prescribed to overweight patients for a short-term treatment course. Because Ionamin 15mg (Phentermine) is first of all a stimulant, its use over two-three weeks may not be effective. That’s why, every person who decided to take his weight under control by means of using Ionamin 15mg capsules, should follow the recommended dosing and treatment duration.

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