Ionamin diet pills

These days, medicine offers a lot of different weight loss drugs, therefore obese people find it difficult to choose the suitable anti-obesity drug. Overweight people have no idea how to choose the best drug to reduce body weight. Different anti-obesity drugs have different active ingredients and thereby, they exert different effect on the body.

Phentermine is one of the popular anti-obesity drug. This drug has already been used for 56 years. So, since 1959 many pharmaceutical companies manufacture active substance Phentermine under different brand names and in different dosage forms (capsules, tablets, pastilles).

For instance, Ionamin containing active substance Phentermine is manufactured by a company called UCB, Inc. Ionamin drug contains 15mg or 30mg of Phentermine as the cationic exchange resin complex. The duration of Ionamin’ therapeutic effect increases due to the fact that active substance Phentermine is slowly released.

Ionamin diet pills are used as a short-term treatment in conjunction with drug-free methods of weight loss, such as hypocaloric diet and physical exercises. So, it is advised to make up a diet plan before to use Ionamin diet pills. Take into account such details as chronic diseases, eating habits, body weight, lifestyle, the desired body weight during making up the plan.

Weight loss program is required because you can achieve the maximum weight loss using Ionamin anti-obesity drug only as an adjunct to reduced-calorie diet and physical activity. Reduce your daily calorie intake during anti-obesity drug therapy with Ionamin slimming pills.

Dietitians do not recommend to refuse from fatty food completely while using Ionamin weight loss pills. It can be harmful to the health to give up fats completely. It is expedient to lead active lifestyle during using slimming pills. Herewith, walking for 30 minutes a day is quite enough.

Ionamin weight loss pills suppress appetite and, so an obese person consumes less food and herewith does not feel empty. Apart from appetite suppression, thermogenesis increases when using Ionamin. Thus, the body uses already accumulated fat deposits during physical activity.

It is recommended to take an Ionamin 15mg diet pill once a day to achieve the maximum weight loss. Ionamin slimming pills should be taken in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. Some patients are prescribed with Ionamin weight loss pills in the daily dose of 30 mg. Ionamin 30mg is the maximum daily dose. There is no need to take more than this dose; it does not lead to more efficiency, but may cause severe adverse reactions.

Anti-obesity treatment of obesity with Ionamin diet pills should last 3 months (no more than this period). The course of obesity treatment with Ionamin slimming pills can be repeated if required. The interval between the courses should be at least 3 months.

Ionamin slimming pills along with physical activity and hypocaloric diet help to lose extra pounds. In addition, if a person does not return to bad habits in eating, he will not regain weight after a course of Ionamin weight loss pills. Active lifestyle and healthy food help to keep a normal body mass.

If you want to purchase Ionamin anti-obesity drug but you have never used slimming pills containing Phentermine, do not forget to learn the contraindications. If you have contraindications to Ionamin weight loss drug, you can use natural slimming pills available without Rx.

If you have been prescribed with weight loss drug and want to order it online without a prescription, get advice from a pharmacist.