Ionamin for normalizing eating behavior

Ionamin is a hunger suppressant, effective for weight loss and regulation of eating behavior in obese patients. Normalization of eating behavior is a relevant aspect in obesity therapy that gives you the guarantee that your excess weight will never come back.

Eating behavior is a combination of habits, connected to food intake: quality, quantity of food and diet time. All patients with primary obesity are diagnosed with impaired eating behavior and food addiction. It happens because when you eat foods high in carbs, you body starts producing serotonin the hormone that stimulates good mood. Little by little person stops perceiving food as a tool for relieving hunger. Therefore food becomes a tool of achieving physical and emotional comfort.

Because obesity is usually accompanied by depression, person tries to cope with them by means of food. Gradually the conception “food = problem solution” is fixed as a reflex in a person’s mind, causing some neurochemical changes and emotiogenic type of eating behavior.

In this type of disorder eating process takes more time than necessary, food portions become larger, causing psychological dependence. In other words person is thinking about food all the time, feeling physical discomfort when he gets no food. The artificial stimulation of the “saturation” center in the brain triggers the false feeling of hunger. And when your body needs energy, you lose the control over eating. Excess calories are transformed into excess weight, person gains extra pounds, followed by obesity.

How does Ionamin help to change eating behavior?

For a successful therapy of obesity, one should limit the calorie intake and increase their expenditure, which with impaired eating behavior causes not just physical but emotional discomfort. Ionamin pills eliminate the change of brain function, regulating food intake. Ionamin medication affects human brain, precisely the appetite center placed in the hypothalamus that consists of two parts: saturation and hunger.

When you have normal eating behavior, stimulation of hunger center occurs with low levels of glucose, but with impaired eating behavior you become hungry regardless of glucose levels. Ionamin diet pills suppress hunger signal, while also affecting the “saturation” center and causing satiety, which is very important for a physical comfort.

Saturation is not just lack of hunger, it is accompanied by satisfaction feeling. There are two types of satiety: early and complete. The first type appears before food absorption, while you chew. The second type appears after the food is absorbed and the body received enough nutrients. It is typical for overweight people to stop only at the moment of complete satiety, which certainly leads to obesity. Those people, who want to lose weight have to stop eating at the early type of satiety. Ionamin diet pills speed up satiety and help to regulate the appetite, so that it corresponds to natural energy needs in the body.

When taking Ionamin drug, patient may skip to limited diet without psychological discomfort. Moreover, because Ionamin helps to normalize eating behavior, once the treatment is over patient can keep the achieved weight loss results. So excess pounds won’t come back again.

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