Ionamin on sale

Many of you know that the most effective weight loss agent Phentermine is no longer sold in many countries of the world. According to healthcare organizations of these countries, Phentermine is an addictive drug. It means that Phentermine can cause more bad than good for health of overweight people.

In past, Phentermine based drugs were used by millions of people over twenty years, before they have been discontinued. Thus, in such countries as Sweden and the United Kingdom, Phentermine slimming pills were available in early 80’s and until 2000. The most common Phentermine doses, prescribed to Britons and Swedish residents were 15mg and 30mg.

What is Ionamin? Ionamin is the trade name of a well-known Phentermine weight loss drug that was available on sale in the UK and Sweden. Ionamin producer gained the trade license from National healthcare system of the UK and Sweden, allowing to sell this anti-obesity drug in these countries.

Nonetheless, after a long-term clinical research, medical organizations of these countries found out that Ionamin (Phentermine) caused some health risks that exceeded the drug’s benefits. From now on, Ionamin capsules are no longer available on sale within the UK and Sweden.

Ionamin slimming capsules were withdrawn from the pharmaceutical market of the UK, because of high safety requirements of all weight loss medications. Whereas in the USA, Ionamin slimming pills were discontinued because of high competition between Ionamin manufacturer and producers of Phentermine generic drugs. Generally, Phentermine generic drugs are much cheaper than Ionamin or other weight loss drugs.

For the record, there are about 15 (or more) Phentermine drug manufacturers within the USA these days. So it is getting clear, why Phentermine pills in the United States cost cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

Although Ionamin slimming pills are no longer available on sale within the U.S. pharmaceutical market, you can find it at local pharmaceutical markets in other countries of the globe.

For instance, you may find Ionamin in Philippines, Singapore or Manila. Please visit your physician before you buy Phentermine (Ionamin) drug online. If you have a prescription for this drug, then you can safely order Ionamin on online pharmacy and save time and money.