Ionamin Weight Loss Pills

Ionamin it is a brand name of medication for suppression of appetite and thus for the weight loss. Ionamin weight loss pills contain active substance, which acts the brain receptors, responsible for human sense of hunger and satiety.

  • Medication brand name: Ionamin
  • Active substance name: Phentermine
  • Additional substance: resin
  • Available dosages: 15mg; 30mg.

Ionamin weight loss pills are very effective due to their prolonged action, helpful in severe forms of obesity. But each single case needs to be considered separately, and thus only individual dose of Ionamin weight loss pills must be prescribed.

Usually, Ionamin weight loss pills are taken before meals, precisely 60 minutes prior food intake. It is suggested that Ionamin becomes more effective when being combined with special diet (also recommended by nutritionist). Here are some tips on how to use Ionamin weight loss pills properly in order to achieve best results:

  • Ionamin weight loss pills therapy should be held during the first half of the day, so that the use won’t cause sleeplessness.

Patients must keep the right dosage of Ionamin weight loss pills.
In case patient has missed the dose of Ionamin weight loss pills or used incorrect dose, he should never double the dose of Ionamin weight loss pills. Instead, patient must go back to his regular dosing regime.
Ionamin weight loss pills must be kept away from sun light and moisture, in place out of reach of the children.

Before you buy Ionamin weight loss pills online or at regular pharmacy, you should familiarize yourself with possible adverse reactions and contraindications. Here are some of probably adverse reactions that may occur when using Ionamin weight loss pills:

  • sleeplessness
  • irritation
  • upset stomach
  • dry mouth
  • constipation.

As you can see, these adverse effects are not harmful for health, so they usually appear in the first few days of Ionamin weight loss pills intake. These pills help obese people to refuse taking too much food during a day, so it is naturally that some unusual effects may occur in the body. Once the regular day schedule is broken, person feels discomfort. That’s why Ionamin weight loss pills are recommended to be combined with physical loads (simple exercises; jogging or dancing) to distract one’s body and mind from weight loss process.

Overall, Ionamin weight loss pills are considered as one of the most effective appetite suppressants so far. Unfortunately, people cannot buy Ionamin weight loss pills at any drugstore. But, if you have the prescription for Ionamin weight loss pills and your body needs to get rid of extra pounds, you are in the right place. Here, at our online pharmacy, you can order Ionamin weight loss pills online.