Phentermine Diet Pills And Libido

Phentermine weight loss drug has been used in anti-obesity therapy over 50 years. Phentermine suppresses appetite and reduces food consumption, which is an essential element in the weight loss program. As many stimulants of the central nervous system (CNS), Phentermine may cause side effects.

One of the side effects of Phentermine weight loss stimulant is a change in sexual desire (libido). Sexual side effects of Phentermine occur in the beginning of anti-obesity drug therapy and disappear with further use of slimming pills. Some men and women stop taking Phentermine pills when sexual side effects appear.

The lack of sexual desire during anti-obesity drug therapy may arise because of Phentermine effect on the CNS. During the use of Phentermine diet tablets, the body burns fats, being constantly under stress. Phentermine keeps working even when a person is resting.

Sex drive usually occurs in a relaxed state. Therefore, during the use of Phentermine some people may have poor libido. At the same time, weight loss with Phentermine may stimulate sexual desire. And then the libido increases along with weight loss.

Some men may develop erectile dysfunction when using Phentermine pills. Erectile dysfunction is an inability to get erection sufficient for full sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by Phentermine tablets or some mental disorders.

Many men, who keep using Phentermine weight loss capsules, say that erection is restored within several weeks of a drug therapy. To eliminate erectile dysfunction men are prescribed with drugs for ED treatment (Sildenafil, Tadalafil). Vitamins, BAAs and herbs also help to restore erection.

During post-marketing studies, scientists have revealed that some men during the use of Phentermine diet pills have an insignificant change in the size of testicles and penis. The reason of this side effect lies in Phentermine mechanism of action. Sometimes this side effect make men stop the anti-obesity therapy. However, it is a temporal effect, therefore the size of testicles and penis are restored as the body gets used to Phentermine.

Phentermine acts in the central nervous system. When using Phentermine slimming tablets some people become nervous, irritable and anxious. These side effects may affect the sexual drive. A few days after the onset of Phentermine drug therapy, the body gets used to the effect of Phentermine and then nervousness and irritability go away. As anxiety goes away, the sexual desire recovers.

The first results of weight loss are noticeable in the first week of using Phentermine capsules. Weight loss brings energy and joy when a person achieves some noticeable changes in his look. This allows people to increase their self-esteem and most likely sexual drive, too.

Thus, if men or women had noticed sexual side effects at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine, they should wait for a few weeks. Sexual side effects of Phentermine are temporal and pass on their own. If side effects do not disappear for a long time, call a doctor. Possibly, to remove sexual side effects the doctor will reduce Phentermine dose or prescribe some other weight loss drug.