The Minimal Dose of Duromine

Duromine is supplied as oral capsules on the market of weight loss drugs by an Australian pharmaceutical company iNova. The minimal dose of Duromine capsules makes 15 mg.

Therapy of overweight in adolescents and adults with impaired hepatic function should begin with use of the lowest dose. Duromine 15 mg capsules should be taken in the morning, during breakfast.

The active ingredient of Duromine capsules – Phentermine is released gradually and has anorectic effect throughout the day. Therefore, take the capsules whole, do not chew or open not to violate therapeutic effect of the drug for obesity treatment

Since the minimal dose of Duromine has a low risk of side effects, it is most often prescribed to adolescents (12 to 18 years old), as well as elderly patients.

Despite the fact that low dose of the anorectic is well tolerated, its use may still cause unwanted reactions in some obese people. However, they, fortunately, are quite rare

The minimal dose of Duromine may provide inadequate therapeutic effect comparing to other dosage strengths of this drug. Therefore, in special cases, this dose can be used twice daily to achieve an optimal anorexigenic effect.

It is recommended to observe the following dosing regimen:

  • The first Duromine 15mg capsule is taken early in the morning, before breakfast
  • The second Duromine 15mg capsule is taken at lunch
  • An interval between the minimal doses of Duromine should be at least 4 hours.