What is Ionamin?

Ionamin is a hunger suppressant, sympathomimetic amine with dopaminergic and noradrenergic activity. Ionamin is supplied in tablets (capsules) for oral administration.

Ionamin medication affects central nervous system, it does not only suppress a feeling of hunger but also increases the energy potential of the body that allows a patient to lead an active lifestyle and quickly lose weight.

Ionamin = Phentermine

Active substance of Ionamin pills is Phentermine. Phentermine has long been used in medicine for obesity treatment and you can buy Phentermine under various trade names, such as Phenterex, Metermine, Adiphene, Mirapront, Anoxine-AM, Phentrol, Obephen, Obermine, Obestin-30. All these medicines are generic drugs of Ionamin, i.e. they contain the same active substance (Phentermine) as Ionamin drug.

Ionamin is more known in Australia, while in the USA you can buy Phentermine under the trade names Duromine and Adipex. At usual pharmacy hunger suppressant Ionamin is sold by prescription only, but you can order Ionamin online no prescription.

What is Ionamin prescribed for?

Ionamin is prescribed for weight loss in patients with BMI more than 30 kg/m2: obesity treatment of the first, second and third degree in
If obesity prevention is necessary to improve the overall health and to reduce the progression of chronic diseases, Ionamin diet pills can be recommended to patients with BMI greater than 27 kg/m2 to stabilize body
Ionamin (Phentermine) is prescribed to treat severe obesity in adolescents over 16

How to use appetite suppressant Ionamin?

Ionamin pills 30mg or Ionamin 40mg pills are taken in the morning before Ionamin dosage depends on obesity degree and clinical response.
Maximum dose of Ionamin is 40mg once

  • Maintenance dose of Ionamin varies from 15mg up to 30mg once daily, depending on the therapeutic.

Before to start taking Ionamin diet pills, inform your doctor about your existing chronic diseases, since Ionamin has a number of contraindication for the use (for example, severe diseases of cardiovascular diseases).

  • Use of Ionamin diet pills should be accompanied by the restricted diet and regular.

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